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Prenatal Diagnosis BabyTest Plus

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BabyTest Plus

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Prenatal Diagnosis BabyTest Plus


In Fertility Madrid, we can offer you BabyTest Plus, the most complete answer to all your questions related to your baby’s health during pregnancy.

Just taking a blood sample from the mother during the 10th week of pregnancy, allows us to establish, with a high level of reliability, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities which could affect your baby’s health. This a prenatal non-invasive test which does not imply any kind of risk for both mother and child.

This is the most complete test there is, in which we examine all chromosomes to detect among other things:

  • Down Syndrome.
  • Edwards Syndrome.
  • Patau Syndrome.
  • Sex chromosomes abnormalities such as: Turner Syndrome (monosomy X: 45,X), Klinefelter Syndrome (47, XXY), Triple X, X Polisomies, XYY Karyotype.
  • Oversized microdeletions and microduplication.
  • Chromosomal mosaicisms depending on the circulating foetal DNA percentage.
  • Baby’s gender.

BabyTest Plus cases

It is recommended in the following cases:

  • Advanced maternal age,
  • Personal or family history of pregnancies with chromosomal abnormalities,
  • Suspect foetus chromosomopathy alterations seen in ultrasound tests,
  • Abnormal results in biochemical screening tests.

BabyTest Plus can also be used on any pregnant woman wishing to exclude the risk of chromosomal abnormalities regardless of her family history.

This test has been designed, analysed and guaranteed by Sistemas Genómicos, with over 30 years of expertise on invasive prenatal genetic diagnosis with different technologies developed in amniotic fluid, chorionic villus and cordocentesis.

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