4D ultrasound is a prenatal diagnostic procedure that allows you to see your baby, his movement and his face in real time during pregnancy.

In Fertility Madrid we have a ultrasound scanner, this allows us to see your baby immortalizing that moment by recording in 4D. We can capture the sound of the baby’s heartbeat.

When can a 4D ultrasound be done?

4D ultrasound can be performed after the 16th week of pregnancy. From this moment you can see the well-developed fetus and its first movements.

The best time to perform the ultrasound is around week 25 to 32.

What is the difference between a normal echo and a 4D?

Both ultrasound scans are performed using ultrasound, a non-invasive imaging technique that allows the fetus to be seen inside the mother’s body in a totally safe manner without causing any damage.

A normal or 2D ultrasound allows to obtain a flat and fixed image of the fetus, while a 4D prenatal ultrasound allows, to see a 3-dimensional capture, a real-time video of the movements of the fetus.

During the session several shots are taken to capture images in 2D, 4D and sound to hear the heartbeats. Shots are captured in images and video to later facilitate this material to patients.

How is 4D prenatal ultrasound performed?

The pregnant woman lies on her back on the examination table, exposing her abdomen. The gynecologist covers the abdomen with gel and then slides the examination probe over it. The images are shown on the ultrasound screen and on an auxiliary screen in front of the pregnant woman.

What happens if we cannot see the baby?

Sometimes the position of the fetus makes the ultrasound impossible. In these cases, the appointment is postponed, and this will not entail any additional cost.

Does 4D ultrasound allows you to find out the baby’s sex?

Yes, from week 17 that is when the genitals are fully formed, however, this type of ultrasound is more focused on showing the face of the baby.