There are many reasons to decide to wait to have a child, whether it’s because of work, illness or it simply not being the right moment. Thanks to assisted reproduction techniques, you can postpone the decision to have children with the security that you can fulfill the dream of having a child in the future.

Frequent Doubts about Fertility Preservation

Young patients diagnosed with cancer who will receive chemo or radiation can opt to vitrify (flash-freeze) their eggs. This process can give them the possibility to have a child in the future.

In the same way, freezing semen allows us the same possibility for male oncology patients.

There is no minimum or maximum age to vitrify (flash-freeze) eggs. A good ovarian reserve is necessary in addition to egg quality sufficient to offer vitrification guarantees.

Every patient and every case is different, but the best results are usually associated with younger patients. Ideally, fertility should be preserved before the age of 38.

The vitrification technique allows us to keep eggs/embryos at -196ºC. At this temperature, cell metabolism is completely halted. In this way, they can remain in cryopreservation indefinitely. It doesn’t matter if they remain frozen for 1 or 10 years.