Emotional Support Unit

The road towards our dream of having a baby can be long and harsh. For that reason, Fertility Madrid has created the Emotional Support Unit, which will be accompanying our patients during their whole journey.

When facing infertility diagnosis or just feeling the hardship of trying to have children, it is not uncommon to go through emotional instability states such as sadness, rage, guilt, anxiety, apathy, frustration, irritability, low self-esteem, sense of failure, etc

This situation can seriously affect people’s life by creating social withdrawal, difficulty concentrating, sleeping disorders, relationship problems and broadly speaking the feeling of unhapiness till achieving the goal of having a baby.

Emotional Support Unit cases

In Fertility Madrid, we take care of our patients by providing them with a fertility specialised coach, who will keep track and monitor each clinical history in order to support you in a personalised way during each situation and in particular the most critical ones, such as:

  • When we do not get a positive diagnosis.
  • While waiting for results, such as the wait between the transfert and the pregnancy test result, also known as ‘beta wait’.
  • After several implantation failures.
  • When taking critical decisions such as looking for new treatment alternatives, donation of gametes acceptance, when to stop treatment, etc.
  • When having an abortion or repeated ones.
  • When facing situations of family, social or couple pressure.
  • When being surrounded by family or friends pregnancies.
  • When facing having to communicate future children or treatments to family and friends.

Thanks to the Emotional Support Unit , we will help you manage emotions, take control of your treatment, overcome grief by accepting loss, improve interpersonal relationships and feel better about yourself.