What is the Thrombophilia Genetic test?

Hereditary Thrombophilia is responsible for more than half of the cases of thrombosis. It is a hereditary genetic disease caused by mutations in certain genes responsible for blood clotting.

Thrombophilia increases the risk for: acute myocardial heart attacks, complications during pregnancy, spontaneous miscarriages, pulmonary embolisms, strokes and deep vein thrombosis.

Pregnancy itself is a susceptibility factor for thrombosis. Additionally, hereditary thrombophilia is associated with an increased risk of gestational complications.

The thrombophilia genetic Fertility Test analyzes more than 6,000 genetic variants, of the 23 genes involved in blood clotting.

The analysis also takes into account patient and family medical histories for risk assessment.

Advantages of the Thrombophilia genetic Fertility test

A single test offers results of more than 600[ms2]  variants in 23 genes associated with hereditary thrombophilia.

These detailed results allow a professional to make a comprehensive assessment of the potential risk, and to guide the most appropriate treatment and monitoring to achieve a full-term pregnancy.

Who is the genetic Trombo Fertility test indicated for?

  • People with a family history of vein thrombosis.
  • People with a personal history of thromboembolic disease.
  • Smokers.
  • People with a body mass index over 30.
  • Pregnant women with thrombosis.
  • Women on prolonged treatments of oral contraceptives or hormonal therapies.
  • Women who have undergone fertilization cycles.
  • Women who have had recurrent miscarriages, stunted uterine growth, preeclampsia or placental abruption.
  • Women with low rates of embryo implantation.
  • People with conditions such as: cancer, diabetes and chronic inflammatory diseases.
  • People with reduced mobility.

The Thrombophilia Genetic Test in Madrid

At Fertility Madrid we rely on the most advanced assisted reproduction treatments and techniques on the market. At our assisted reproduction clinic, you can get the thrombophilia panel genetic Fertility test and then be counselled by our doctors. Our clinic is located in the center of Madrid (Calle General Oraá, 47, 28006), near parking, metro lines, buses and hotels.

If you would like to do the Trombo Fertility test in Madrid, stop by our office. At Fertility Madrid the first visit with our medical team and fertility coach is always free.