What is the Ovarian Sensitivity Fertility Test?

At Fertility Madrid, we offer you a test to detect a genetic profile of the response to ovarian stimulation.

Approximately 9%-24% of women undergoing assisted reproduction treatment respond worse than expected to the ovarian stimulation protocol selected according to their clinical characteristics.

By way of genomic DNA extracted from a simple blood sample, the receptor gene of the FSH and LH gene is analysed and enables the establishment of the type of gonadotropin in order to achieve a better ovarian response. 

In order to maximise IVF success rates, it is crucial to perform effective controlled ovarian stimulation (COS), resulting in 8 to 15 oocytes. However, ovarian response to the follicle stimulating hormone can vary greatly from woman to woman.

Early identification of patients who will have a high or poor response to standard treatment would be of great clinical benefit to patients. On the other hand, this test enables us to anticipate patients who may develop a serious medical condition known as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

When is an Ovarian Sensitivity Fertility Test recommended?

  • Patients who are going to undergo controlled ovarian stimulation treatment can take the test in order to find out their pharmacogenetic sensitivity and help the gynaecologist choose the best treatment.
  • Patients with low Anti-Müllerian Hormone values (low ovarian reserve).
  • Patients with suboptimal response (fewer oocytes than expected) in previous ovarian stimulation cycles.

Benefits of taking an Ovarian Sensitivity Test 

  1. Reduces the time it takes to find the ideal protocol for each patient..
  2. Enables the personalisation of the hormonal treatment and improvement in terms of Assisted Reproduction treatment efficiency.
  3. Optimises the number of cycles and reduce gonadotropin expenditure.

Ovarian Sensitivity Test in Madrid

At Fertility Madrid, you will be treated by some of the best professionals using the most complete and innovative fertility techniques. At our Fertility Clinic, you can take this blood test right in the centre of Madrid and improve the efficiency of controlled ovarian stimulation (COS), allowing us to select the type of hormone and appropriate dose for each patient based on their pharmacogenetic profile.

Ovarian Sensitivity Fertility Test

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