Fertility Madrid guarantees traceability using Gidget technology

At Fertility Madrid, we use the latest technology not only to achieve maximum efficiency in assisted reproduction treatments, but also to guarantee the traceability of the samples, minimise the possibility of errors and give you that much-needed peace of mind.

This is why we now incorporate Gidget, an electronic traceability system that identifies all the elements involved in the assisted reproduction treatment via a unique code.

How does the Gidget registration system work?

This technology allows us to perform a more exhaustive traceability of the processes and ensures the concordance of the samples at each step.

This QR code-based system generates a database and a detailed record of each treatment, in addition to each patient, as well as all the actions that have been performed in the IVF laboratory with the samples (whether oocytes, sperm or embryos).

This ensures everything is perfectly documented: who, when and what is done at each stage of the process.

Gidget alerts us and helps us to electronically identify if any step of the process has not been performed properly.

Gidget Registry System – Fertility Madrid