In assisted reproduction treatments, innovation and technology development are essential to achieve advancement and ever increasing successful pregnancy rates. The use of the GERI incubator is absolutely essential in all treatments to keep an ideal environment for the embryo while it grown out of the uterus.

The GERI incubator at Fertility Madrid not only allows for real-time evaluation of each embryo’s viability, but also features high resolution cameras which allow for time-lapse image capturing in order to provide said evaluation with a higher imput of information.

GERI Incubator Technology

Thanks to GERI technology, our embryologists can choose the best embryos for implantation with higher security and accuracy, inceasing the odds to have a successful pregnancy.

GERI also allows for a more stable incubation, just like it would be inside a woman’s body. By optimising embryos culture conditions for each patient, we incubate each of them separately in tiny chambers, in an non-invasive way, in order to remove the need to take the embryos out of the incubator to evaluate them.