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Gynaecology consultation

Fertility Madrid offers, from the very first contact, the patient’s interaction with an infertility expert gynecologist. As a novelty, we include in this initial consultation the gynecological examination, transvaginal ultrasound, and ovarian reserve test, essential tests to assess the patient’s options.

What will my first visit to Fertility Madrid be like?

Our patient care staff will be responsible for welcoming you warmly. We have facilities designed to make you feel comfortable and secure.

At Fertility Madrid, we have:

  • 4 medical consultation rooms
  • 4 individual waiting rooms
  • Highly equipped operating room
  • Recovery rooms
  • IVF laboratory with the latest technology
  • Andrology laboratory

After reception, you will proceed to the consultation with our gynecologist, where you will receive comprehensive and personalized attention, including a personal interview to learn about your background, medical history, and how long you’ve been trying to conceive or if you’ve already undergone any assisted reproduction treatments.

The next step will be the gynecological examination and ultrasound to check the condition of the ovaries, uterus, and count of antral follicles.

We will assess your ovarian reserve through a blood test analyzing anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels.

Together with the patient’s age and follicle count through ultrasound, AMH allows us to estimate the quality and quantity of oocytes. These results are essential for determining the appropriate technique, predicting the response to ovarian stimulation, and prescribing the relevant medications and dosages.

You will have the opportunity, if you wish, to schedule an appointment with our embryology unit, which will explain the processes of the IVF laboratory and address any related questions that may arise.

At Fertility Madrid, we understand the importance of providing emotional support during assisted reproduction treatments. Therefore, we include this service free of charge for all our patients. You will have access to our Fertility coach who will accompany you throughout the treatment.

After the initial consultation, our medical team will thoroughly review all the results and develop a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for you.

We will schedule a follow-up appointment to explain the available options, phases, and financing options. Our team will be there to provide the support you need at every step of the way.

The first visit will remain free for Fertility Madrid patients, as this amount (€90) will be deducted from the treatment price..