Why is Spain the top destination for IVF treatment?

Spain is a leading country in IVF treatments. The extensive experience of our professionals and the specialization of the centers have made Spain one of the main countries where people travel for assisted reproduction treatments.

Furthermore, the fact that Spanish legislation is so comprehensive in the field of assisted reproduction is an added factor to all of the above.

Why is IVF more successful in Spain and why travel to Spain to receive it?

In recent years, Spain has emerged as a leading destination for couples seeking In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. With consistently higher success rates compared to many other countries, Spain has become an attractive option for those struggling with infertility. Below are the main reasons to travel to Spain for IVF treatment and why it is most successful in Spain:

1. Large number of donors

  • In our country, the anonymity of donors has encouraged many young women and men to donate in order to help couples who are having difficulty conceiving.
  • The existence of a large number of donors allows easy access to these assisted reproduction techniques, without long waiting lists or significant delays.

2. Extensive experience in genetics and laboratories with cutting-edge technologies

Spain has extensive experience in assisted reproduction techniques, and many fertility centers are highly specialized in performing IVF treatments.

In addition, a large number of IVF treatments with PGT (preimplantation genetic test) are performed. The centers have extensive experience in genetics and laboratories with cutting-edge technologies to perform embryo biopsies without harming the embryo.

3. Favorable legislation

Spanish legislation regarding assisted reproduction is relatively favorable, allowing broader access to IVF treatments and greater flexibility in certain aspects of the process.

4. High success rate

The IVF success rate in Spain is high compared to other countries. In addition, our center, Fertility Madrid, surpasses the average.

5. Comprehensive approach

Fertility centers in Spain often take a comprehensive approach, providing emotional and psychological support to couples throughout the IVF process, which can have a positive impact on the results.

Spain, a global reference for reproductive tourism for IVF

In neighboring countries such as Italy or France, the laws do not authorize genetic screening of embryos. Therefore, many patients who wish to undergo these techniques turn to Spain as an efficient and accessible alternative.

In our country, the IVF ROPA Method (reception of eggs from the partner) for lesbian couples is also permitted. This treatment is not carried out in most EU countries, so many female couples travel to Spain to start their reproductive project and have access to ROPA Method.


Spain is undoubtedly a leading country in IVF treatment. The specialization of professionals and the high quality of the centers allow patients who decide to travel to find a safe place offering a wide variety of treatments, as well as professionals with great human qualities, eager to accompany patients on their reproductive journey.